Armed and Ridiculous! CBC InSecurity actors at the VO
Monday, Jan. 31, 2011

By WENDY DALLIAN, Vancouver Observor

InSecurity is one of CBC’s hottest new shows and I had the great fortune of talking with two of the talented and hilarious actors, Vancouver Island’s Natalie Lisinska (as Alex Cranston) and Vancouver’s Richard Yearwood (as Benjamin N’udu).

WD: Can you tell us a little about the show?

NL: InSecurity is a parody of the spy genre and the existing archetype of the American hour long procedural drama: Law & Order, Alias, 24. I feel like it sort of steals its tone a bit from Get Smart and Naked Gun and even Airplane in a way.

RY: I agree. It makes fun of those serious shows. Just on last week’s episode someone came up to me and said they were so glad we did the bonk on the head thing and that it didn’t work. Because every time someone hits you on the head with a gun or punches you in the face, down they go and then they move on.

NL: Yah, I feel like there’s an archetype in spy shows where there’s this one move where you come up to somebody and you karate chop them on a really obscure, vague area of the neck.

It causes them to drop to the ground for just the right amount of time you need to escape.

RY: It’s just silly.

NL: For example, Jack Bower (24). How much can happen to Jack Bower and the dude is still going (laughs).

We have this great fight scene where Richard’s character has gone rogue and my character starts to figure out what’s going on. He comes after me with a pipe, the butt of a gun, he head butts me, and I just won’t go down and my hair’s flying all over the place like a Pantene ProV commercial.


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