Spies keeping an eye on CBC show
Friday, Jan. 7, 2011

By BRIAN LILLEY, Toronto Sun - Parliamentary Bureau

OTTAWA - CBC launched a new show this week, spoofing the world of spies, and it's garnering an audience of at least one group of people in Ottawa – our own spies at CSIS.
“The entertainment industry has had a long fascination with the intelligence business, and that's perfectly legitimate. We, too, think our work is pretty interesting,” said CSIS spokeswoman Isabelle Scott.
“That said, screenwriters don't always get it right.”
The CBC show is called InSecurity and deals with a fictional spy agency called NISA — National Intelligence and Security Agency.
“We poke affectionate fun at ourselves in how Canadians have this worldwide reputation of being incredibly nice but sort of ineffectual,” the shows star, Natalie Lisinska, told QMI Agency's Bill Harris.
“So in this show, the characters all take themselves way too seriously and think they’re a really big deal. That is, until someone from the CIA shows up, and then they’re all trying so hard to impress.”
CSIS doesn't seem to be taking their comedic send-up too seriously, but they do want to set the record straight.


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