Set in Ottawa, at the fictional National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), InSecurity follows secret agent Alex Cranston and her team of spies as they juggle dates, terrorists, pets, ex-boyfriends and the safety of the nation. But the only thing harder than protecting the country is protecting themselves - from their own insecurities.


InSecurity Online

InSecurity is designed as a cross-platform project. The online component compliments the TV series with exclusive video content, past episodes, insider information, upcoming events, games, weekly contests and prizes. The offering has been expanded to include a NISA Spy Training Game, where aspiring agents compete in six unique challenges to test their powers of observation, reflexes, memory and hand eye coordination, and a series of web-exclusive NISA Spy Training Videos. The hub of this activity is on the website

Good Spies are Hard to Find

InSecurity began as a comedic send up of the spy/crime procedural genre so popular on TV these days, then evolved into a more traditional comedy. Season 2 dives into the characters of the series – their foibles and shortcomings. The missions have now a backdrop to highlight the conflict between the characters.

Creative Team

InSecurity is created and executive produced by Kevin White (Dan For Mayor, Corner Gas) of Company Name Here Productions and Robert de Lint (Corner Gas, and Virginia Thompson (Corner Gas, of Vérité Films.

Kevin, Rob and Virginia worked together on Corner Gas - Kevin was showrunner, Rob was a director and Virginia was executive producer. Virginia and Rob approached Kevin with the concept of a Canadian spy comedy. Kevin had an immediate comedic take on the idea. As an added bonus, Kevin is the son of a spy. (We can’t tell you any more about this, it’s strictly confidential). To make a long story short, it’s been a great collaboration and has resulted in InSecurity.

Broadcasters & Distribution Partners

"I dare anyone to watch it and not laugh out loud several times."
- TV Guide
"...a very funny spoof of all those procedural series out there..."
- The Montreal Gazette
"This decidedly hilarious spoof of such TV spy series as 24...should not be missed."
- James Bawden, Globe and Mail

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