STAND UP GUY is a web series about comic Graham Chittenden, a nice guy trying to stay grounded in the world of stand up comedy.

As he toils on the unpredictable comedy circuit where each gig could be THE ONE,  Graham tries hard to be a “stand up guy” with his family, friends — and even his agent Raj, owner of the local furniture store. 

Fuelled by an endless trove of funny and cringe-worthy road stories from Graham and his comedian friends, STAND UP GUY is a playful, uncomfortable and very human web series about making it in the comedy world — a goal which is easier said than done.

STAND UP GUY features Graham Chittenden and a gaggle of guest comedians playing themselves — from well-known stars of the comedy scene to up-and-coming breakout talent.  Each episode asks the question – can nice guy Graham stay grounded and live a happy life in Brantford, Ontario while running down opportunities in the crazy world of show biz?

STAND UP GUY is shot on location, and at comedy clubs and festivals across Canada and the US.



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